Com va?

Day 2 (June 17th)

Hola!  Com va?  Molt be, jo espero!

^ The fruits of our 1.5 hour crash course in Catalan.

We started off day 2 with a 1.5 hour crash course in Spanish, lunch on the terrace (featured pic), and then a 1.5 hour crash course in Catalan to close off this thing called “school”. 2 years of high school Spanish have not prepared me at all – as the only things I’m confident to say are “¿dónde está el baño?” and “¿Cuánto cuesta?”.  However, I’m enjoying eavesdropping in on conversations to better my comprehension skills.  I enjoyed the 1.5 hour Catalan session immensely, because none of us knew any Catalan.  The language resembles a blend of Spanish, French, and Italian.  For example, the word for I in Catalan is “Jo”.  Now, this could either be a mix of “Je” + “Yo”, or “Je ” + “Io”.  I rejoiced when I could apply my somewhat limited grasp on the romance languages to see parallels between the language structures.  My favorite Catalan word learned also happens to be my favorite fruit: strawberries are maduixas, pronounced like “Ma-douche-aahhs”.  Pictured below is the rooftop view from our study center terrace:


Afterwards, we went to Park Güell, one of my fave places in the world.  Unfortunately, I pulled a noob mistake and accidentally exited the park before going downstairs to the marketplace aka the picture perfect point.  After much negotiating in Spanglish and showing photographic proof that I purchased a ticket, I still had no luck and was stuck upstairs.  BUT, the upper part of the park is just as lovely, and I regret nothing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We ended the night with dinner at Makamaka, and then visited El Bombón, where I for the first time learned how to (poorly) salsa with my 2 left feet.  I know this will be one of my favorite days ever.



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