Really, Mark Zuckerberg? A Day in Girona

Day 6 ( June 21st)

In fair Girona, where we lay our scene…

Girona is a medieval gem of a town about an hour North of Barcelona.  Much history, much fun.  Girona has 2 recent claims to fame:  Mark Zuckerberg proposed to Priscilla here at the hotel they were staying at (really, Mark?? – there were SO many romantic alleyways and arches – much of the day by the girls was spent picking out better places Mark could’ve proposed at), and that Game of Thrones Season 6 was filmed here.




We visited the Força Vella, the Cathedral pictured above, the Jewish Quarter, and the Roman Wall surrounding Girona where we saw an amazing view of the city. You can also spot the Nespresso factory  off in the distance, just fyi.    We had lunch in the Plaça de la Independència at Casa Marieta.  I tried cannelloni (glorified lasagna imo) and I had a moment with pineapple.  HOW do they do it??






Afterwards, we journeyed to Rocambolesc ice cream, where I had a moment with ice cream.  The ice cream shop owned by the Roca brothers, aka owners of El Celler de Can Roca, the world’s best restaurant in 2013 and 2015.  I went with simple vanilla, but I have to say, the toppings made 90% of the experience.  I got strawberries, cacao nibs, and star sprinkles and yes the star sprinkles were worth every euro.



I have to say that the photo above is my favorite picture of this entire trip.  Although not exactly level lol, I have a fascination with taking pictures of the sky + edges of interesting buildings.  I just love the contrast in this picture – the weathered medieval stone to the cheery orange painted facade.


The red bridge pictured above is called the Eiffel bridge and yes, the guy who created the Eiffel Tower made it.  He clearly wasn’t too creative with naming items.  In regards to the colorful facades of the city, they are unquestionably the most iconic part of Girona.  The funny thing is, they were painted solely for tourism.  Some time ago ( I think the 70’s??), the mayor of the city ordered that all of the homes on the river be painted bright colors.  This would make for cute postcards, and tourism revenue would go up.  GENIUS.


I also kissed the butt of this statue right as we unboarded the bus.  Attached to this pole is the lioness of Girona.  Kissing it means that you’ll be able to return to this beautiful city!  Hopefully this proves true, or else all those germs were for nothing.  Girona was such a lovely town and butt or no butt kissing, I believe I shall find my way back one day.




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