2016 Travels

Travel rambles that i should’ve posted a while ago, reflecting on last year:


January 2016:

  • Flight from Buffalo to SFO
    • Winter quarter of freshman year begins at Stanford

Trip to SF Japantown – Cherry Blossom Festival

Spring Break: mid-March / 1 week

  • SJC to San Diego
  • Stayed at Goldie’s beach house in Del Mar for 1 week
    • 1 day in Disney – iconic Kylo Ren pic
    • 1 day in LA by Skycoaster Amtrak – Hollywood Walk of Fame, Pico Jewish district, Delice’s bakery
    • 1 day in SD hiking Torrey Pines
    • SD museum day @ Balboa Park – Museum of Man, Botanical Gardens, Museum of Natural History, Japanese Friendship Gardens, laying in Rose Garden
    • Shopping at Westfield UTC
    • Farmer’s market with Maeve
    • Cooking dinner every night
    • Lisa, Maddie, Maeve, Goldie
    • 300+ song roadtrip playlist, heavily featuring the live version of Folding Chair by Regina Spektor

Memorial day weekend – trip to SF MoMA


Barcelona: Mid June – early July (3 weeks)

  • Melon District @ Marina Red Line stop
  • Day trips to Girona, Sitges, Tarragona

Home for 2 weeks

American Language and Culture Program (ALC) @ Stanford (5 weeks)

  • Weekend trips to SF, SF Giants game, and Santa Cruz

LA (2 weeks)

  • 4 day Asian bus tour of natural parks:
    • Grand Canyon
    • London Bridge
    • Bryce National Park
    • Antelope Canyon
    • Horseshoe Bend
    • Las Vegas
    • LAX to SFO for beginning of sophomore fall
  • Stayed in El Monte
    • Many trips to Westfield Arcadia
    • Valley blvd for Asian food
    • Venice Beach and Santa Monica
    • Downtown Disney with Rachel Hyon
    • LA photoshoot day with Angela – Melrose place


November 2016:

Thanksgiving break (1 week)

Chicago BASES Trek (5 days)

  • Narrative Science, ContextMedia, SAP, Fjord (Accenture)
  • Reunited with Lexi
  • Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Chicago 360
  • Lou Malnati’s pizza, Porto’s hot dogs


December 2016 (Winter Break – 3 weeks)

3 days in Toronto

4 days in Philadelphia

BUF to SJC for beginning of sophomore winter quarter

Overall destinations visited:

  • Based out of Buffalo/Stanford
  • San Francisco – Japantown Cherry Blossom Festival, SF MoMA to get ~*aesthetic*~ profile pic
  • San Diego – Balboa Park, Torrey Pines, Del Mar ft. Folding Chair (Live) by Regina Spektor
  • Los Angeles – Hollywood Walk of Fame, Pico District, Delice’s Bakery, Rodeo Drive
  • Disney – iconic Kylo Ren picture
  • Barcelona – heart eyes forever, foodie heaven, Jaume Primer is where it’s at, thank god we were there during rebaixes season, many flea markets visited, El Bonbon, Gaudi overload, Palo Alto hipster market lmao where I spent an ungodly amount of money on a pair of earrings I don’t even wear a lot, pa amb tomquet all day, so much cured meat, aspirations of being a trendy carefree European
  • Girona – pretty sick marketing scheme, kissed a statue’s butt for good luck, best restaurant in the world located here (ate at the ice cream shop owned by the Rocambolesc brothers), a season of Game of Thrones was filmed here
  • Sitges – iconic European beach town, swimming in the Mediterranean, Bacardi factory also located here
  • Tarragona – Robert’s hometown, prettiest church of all towns visited imo, caught: a small detail
  • Santa Cruz – v. American boardwalk ft. yearly corndog eaten where I took all my summer program kiddos
  • Arcadia – another fire Westfield mall, Asian central, all roads lead to Valley Blvd. for food
  • Grand Canyon – eh
  • Horseshoe Bend – p cool
  • Bryce National Park – GOOD STUFF
  • Zion National Park – checkerboard mesa, ok
  • Antelope Canyon – sick af, photographer heaven, took too many selfies here
  • Las Vegas – vegas bb, circus circus, French buffet, not impressed
  • Venice Beach – he was a sk8r boi
  • Santa Monica – 3rd street promenade shopping tho
  • Chicago – visits to Narrative Science, Context Media, SAP, Fjord (Accenture), Lou Malnati’s deep dish
  • Toronto – updated profile pic @ Graffiti Alley, fav food
  • Philadelphia – lots o tax free clothes shopping, King of Prussia – Primark tho, Rittenhouse Square, old hometown


Wanted for 2017:

  • ASIA – Tokyo summer plz, visit friends in Taiwan
  • Needed: spring break plans – pacific northwest tour of seattle, Portland, and/or Vancouver? Cuba??
  • C o p e n h a g e n
  • Fall quarter in Florence or NYC???

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