2016 Travels

Travel rambles that i should’ve posted a while ago, reflecting on last year: Winter/Spring: January 2016: Flight from Buffalo to SFO Winter quarter of freshman year begins at Stanford Trip to SF Japantown ‚Äď Cherry Blossom Festival Spring Break: mid-March / 1 week SJC to San Diego Stayed at Goldie‚Äôs beach house in Del Mar […]

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Bo Bo Boqueria

Day 3 (June 18th): Official class began today with our first guest speaker, Oriol Amor√≥s. ¬†He is a member of the Catalonian parliament, and he lectured us on Catalonian migration. ¬†He was extremely engaging and passionate about his work, and his lecture was one of the best lectures I’ve ever attended. ¬†Some facts learned: The […]

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Com va?

Day 2 (June 17th) Hola! ¬†Com va? ¬†Molt be, jo espero! ^ The fruits of our 1.5 hour crash course in Catalan. We started off day 2 with a 1.5 hour crash course in Spanish, lunch on the terrace (featured pic), and then a 1.5 hour crash course in Catalan to close off this thing […]

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¬°Bienvenido a Espa√Īa!

Day One (June 16th, 2016) Arrived at El Prat bright and early and very jetlagged! ¬†On the 9 hour flight here from Washington D.C., I accomplished reviewing 30 minutes of Spanish vocabulary, fast forwarding to all of my favorite parts of The Force Awakens, watching the beginning of Deadpool, watching all of Crazy Stupid Love, […]

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